Unboxing DIREKT VOM FELD Products


It was a matter of a few hours. No sooner had the supply side of the Chemnitz spice dealer DIREKT VOM FELD opened than it was sold out. Even though the delivery was only limited to Europe.


Once again, one saw a perfect example of the alignment and efficiency of the safezone marketing strategies for business partners. An exclusive offer, a special website with a Safezone quality seal and a top Noche promotion. There was an announcement with a live moderated pre-presentation to a selected audience. Sales rate = 100%!


It was a successful combination of various spices, which were available in 2 different packages. You could order a basic home cooking variant, which could be upgraded with a gourmet package.


Chemnitzer Gewürze in nur wenigen Stunden ausverkauft!
Chemnitzer Gewürze in nur wenigen Stunden ausverkauft!


The special thing about this offer was that it was only available for YEM. Check out the dealer's profit.

Free delivery

As announced, the spices were delivered in time for Christmas and exceeded all expectations of the happy recipients. The Safezone members and YEM owners were delighted with the high quality cans and the good packaging. A few recipes and a brochure rounded off the whole shopping experience.


Please more of that, dear Merchants!